To the editor,

Thank you Gary Westerberg and Jeffrey Benny for clearing up Biden’s great accomplishments.

Stock market, its called a histogram with squiggly lines that go up and down, let me know the last time the Dow was -900 points? The week of Dec. 13, 2021; six days in the red. Any other questions?

2.4 million jobs from Moody, heck I predict the economy will falter 4 QT 2022, just a projection right? Hope is not a strategy.

4.5 billion for roads and bridges; with the massive inflation I might not be too far off. Notice Benny did not address what percentage of the bill was allocated for infrastructure?

Crime and violence: Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor cut 80 million out of the CPD budget.  National Police support fund quotes, “Not only have Lightfoot’s policies and defunding of her city’s Police Dept. not created any meaningful reform but they have also exacerbated the rampant victimization of the very group she pretends to be advocating for.”

Unemployment 4.6  “labor force participation rate” at 61.6% 2021 which is lower than the economic crash of 2008 at 66.6%.

Medicare rates highest increase in years — 14.5%, shouldn’t retired folks could get the same health coverage as illegals. Free!

The poor; The Cato Institute updated a 2016 study in the last few years showing welfare benefits payments to Career Welfare recipients; Hawaii = $60,590; District of Columbia = $50,820; Massachusetts = $50,540 check website for remainder. Pretty substantial payments. With the huge 3.1 wage increase why aren’t these folks getting employment? Should have used the billions spent on illegals for the poor in the US? Being poor could be self inflicted, Refer to Angel Adams 15 children video!

US debt approaching $30 trillion, costing billions lets bring in millions of illegals for votes only and “Build Back Better” welfare programs. This bill will cost taxpayers zero dollars too right? Manchin voted NO!

Climate change: Biden falls asleep at climate meetings, an 85 non-electric Vehicle motorcade for Sleepy?  Two million illegals that will be driving soon and not electric cars. Look at the waste and trash one person creates in one year?”

160,000 Covid deaths likely? You must mean ex- Governor Cuomo’s nursing home’s catastrophe’s? Where’s our test samples Biden?

If the previous administration was this utterly dysfunctional I would be writing the same letters about them as I did with George Bush’s war. Lastly, Your President’s/VP ratings are atrocious, Biden needs to get impeached then I will get over it. 

Jerry Grell


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