To the editor,

Mr. Westerberg requested a factual list of President Biden’s accomplishments. After googling the topic and getting a list of 250 of them, here are my Top Ten: His administration 1) passed a $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package*, 2) passed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief deal, 3) appointed 69 federal judges, the most since Ronald Reagan, 4) ended a 20 year war in Afghanistan*, 5) created 9 million jobs, 6) reduced unemployment to 3.6%, 7) committed the US to combat climate change, 8) signed the first major gun law in 30 years, 9) halted federal executions, and 10) got Mexico to pledge $1.5 billion to aid in security along the border*. 

(* indicates something that his predecessor promised to do, but never accomplished.)

Now go ahead — criticize this one on the list because it didn’t affect you or that one wasn’t handled well, but those are documented accomplishments and there are 240 more.

The fact is, whether you like this list or not, Joe Biden is a good, honest man who loves this country and devoted his career to serving it. He is not an egotist, a liar, a bully, or an abuser of women. (That’s important to me in a President.) I do not believe his ego would ever lead him to incite people to riot if he lost an election.

Which brings me to this point: Hilary got 3 million more votes than her Presidential opponent; Joe Biden got 7 million more votes than his. Like it or not, the majority of this country agrees with the ideals of this president and his party. We want justice and liberty for everyone: for women, for people of color, for the gay/transgender community.

The last remark referring to abortion being illegal in the 1770’s when the Constitution was written makes it sound like he wants us to be stuck in that time period when only white males had any influence. This country has evolved and if we are to truly reach our potential as the Democratic Beacon on the Hill, our freedoms must apply to everyone, not just wealthy white males.

Finally, he feels we use the former president as a distraction tactic. We are extremely eager to only speak of him in the past tense; once we are assured he will not be running for office again, we’ll gladly quit speaking of him altogether.

Bruce Danielson


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