To the editor,

Since Biden became president, here are some accomplishments:

Unemployment is at 4.6%, the lowest in 50 years

5,600,000 (5.6 million) jobs have been created

The stock market has risen 37% since the inauguration while posting all-time record highs

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell predicts 5% GDP growth for 2021

Wages have grown by 3.1%

 The American Rescue Plan – Passed in March – has:

Reduced family food insecurity by 24%

Distributed more than $46 billion in child tax credits to poor families

Helped small businesses with up to $28,000 per employee in the Employee Retention Tax Credit

Provided $250 billion to state, local and tribal governments to help deal with the effects of Covid

 The infrastructure bill just passed will:

Bring Minnesota $6.8 billion for infrastructure projects with $4.5 billion for roads & bridges

Invest $65 billion for broadband internet access in rural areas. This will stimulate rural economies and create jobs

Add 2.4 million jobs by 2025 according to Moody’s Analytics

Invest $55 billion if upgrading access to clean water

Invest $66 billion to modernize railway systems in the US

Invest $7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging access. More electric vehicles mean less oil imported from the middle east.

Invest $21 billion to clean up pollution at superfund and brownfield sites and reclaim abandoned mines and oil wells.

 The infrastructure bill is so good that Republican politicians are taking credit for it’s investments even though they voted against it. This demonstrates the hypocrisy of Republican officeholders. Pete Stauber said “No one wants an infrastructure bill more than me” and voted against the infrastructure bill. Rest assured, he and others will take credit when money is spent in their districts even though they voted against it. 

Biden critics will point out that inflation is high. While this is true, Biden has worked to reduce it. Part of the inflation is due to supply-chain issues. During the height of the Covid epidemic, many industries throughout the world cut production leading to scarcity. Shipping from countries like China slowed dramatically also. The immediate result of scarce goods is rising prices and hence inflation goes up. Biden ordered ports to work longer hours and worked with companies to reduce the backlog at our ports. The CEO of Wallmart explicitly praised the Biden administration for its actions to reduce pandemic-related supply chain shortages.

The Biden record is not spotless but, for the first 11 months, the record is pretty good and worth talking about. 

Jeffrey Benny


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