To the editor,

The Commissioners’ vote on June16, 2021, to make the Auditor/Treasurer an appointed position was unwarranted due to NO issue exists to resolve and a contract wasn’t signed on March 25, 2021. They willfully infringed upon residents’ RIGHT OF VOICE, CHOICE, VOTE, and ignored vast opposition. Only Commissioner Warring voted in opposition. Voters elected them into office, entrusted them to run the county efficiently, and within budget. NOT TO INFRINGE ON VOTERS’ RIGHTS! It appears trusting these commissioners was a mistake!

Auditor/Treasurer Struss’ plan is to remain in office to retirement. We are lucky to have him based on his work ethic and his efficient job of running the office and the county’s elections! I support the job he is doing and so should the residents of Isanti County.

Commissioners’ OPTIONS in accordance with state Bills SF1731 and HF 968 changed Statute 375A.1205 Subdivision 1 (APPOINTING COUNTY OFFICERS) which states: A COUNTY BOARD SHALL ONLY USE AUTHORITY TO APPOINT UNDER THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES. OPTION:(3) There is a signed contract with County Board and Incumbent Auditor/Treasurer that provides the incumbent officer will be appointed to position, retain tenure, pay, and benefits, equal to or greater than length of service. Websters legal definition of SHALL: WORD COMMAND which has always, or has been a compulsory meaning; as denoting obligation. It has peremptory meaning and it is imperative or mandatory. A signed contract must exist before Public Notice was put in paper.

On April 17 I asked Mr. Struss if he had signed contract/agreement. He responded back on April 19 “I have not signed an agreement or formally agreed to appointment. The county board needs to determine the county’s organizational structure before I can make a decision.” During the July 7 meeting, Chairwoman Morris said they had an agreement but didn’t acknowledge it was signed on June 16. The meeting audio of June 7 and June 16 is on the Isanti County website.

The Commissioners, now BOSS over this office, have degraded the integrity of our elections and the basic foundation of our democracy in place for 240+ years which many of us have served to preserve. This matters because from city to federal government bit by bit our elected representatives are taking our VOICE AWAY! If we don’t act our DEMOCRACY WILL CEASE TO EXIST!

In 2024 a Petition with 10% of voters filed will rescind the Commissioners actions. Question: Do you want Auditor/Treasurer an elected position? (YES) or (NO) will be on a ballot. 

Donald Mullins


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