To the editor,

The last few weeks of editorials have been back and forth about Trump and Biden. Our real concern should not be Dems or Republicans; but about all of us in this nation. We just experienced our leaders and military leaders just surrender our country to terrorists we have battled for years.

We are all in greater danger now. This could have ended so much better if those in control would have brought our citizens back first, before military, which they told us they were going to do in July. Now our citizens and those who helped our soldiers are abandoned in great danger with terrorists in control. I grieve for them and pray they will be safe and rescued.

 This is so devastating for us and them; the enemy is now emboldened. We are the most powerful Nation with the best and bravest armed forces; the soldiers wanted to fight and rescue our citizens. Also weapons worth billions were left to our enemies. Hard to believe they were this negligent: Leave no one behind has been our slogan.

 Now not only our fellow citizens being hunted, killed and beaten; but we all are in danger of future attacks--they don’t fear us anymore. I feel for our Veterans who served so faithfully and now watch all they did seem in vain. I think we all appreciate all our brave soldiers; but our leaders and military leaders have let us down, and we do not appreciate their cowardice. We are all in danger now, and lost all respect from other nations. 

Judy Hansen


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