To the editor,

In my letter to the editor about the Orange Frog Seminar published on Dec. 30, I stated, “It is sad to me that most of our current county commissioners still believe that spending even more money on this ‘Happy Game’ will make that difference.” 

Since that writing I have come to understand that I may have misconstrued some statements made by these commissioners and come to a conclusion that was not entirely true. I have been told that at this point there are no definite plans to spend additional funds on the Orange Frog Initiative beyond the original $650,000. I ask for forgiveness from anyone who felt maligned due to this impropriety on my part. Thank you.  

Gary Lantz


Editor’s note: The publishing of this letter is deviating from our established policy of one original letter per author per four-week period out of respect for Mr. Lantz’s desire to retract information contained in his previous letter.

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