To the editor,

A recent writer blasts President Trump and calls him a radical. Really? Lets look at our Democrats:

Ilhan Omar defends Hamas when Israel bombs Gaza which was a response to Hamas attacks, and compares the USA and Israel to Hamas and Taliban terrorists. Dismantle the police, states Omar along with her Sidekick Rashida Tlaib {Michigan Congresswoman} nothing radical here right?

Gov Cuomo places Covid patients in nursing homes, allegedly creating massive deaths and he covered up his disaster.

Lori Lightfoot reportedly states, no white reporters allowed in her office.

Maxine Waters states go after Trump supporters and surround them and harass them.

Dr.Aruna Khilanani  Democrat supporter states “ She has fantasies about shooting white people,” invited to Yale to speak.

Former Obama Advisor Valerie Jarret reportedly states after two girls jousting with knifes with intent to kill, “Let kids have their knife fights”

Biden’s Executive order to allow illegal immigrants into this country during a Covid pandemic, many of them allegedly had Covid. Thousands of children without their parents sleeping inches apart in green houses. Total disaster and this will allow drug traffickers and MS 13 sex traffickers into the US. Placing Biden/Harris T-shirts on each illegal; this illegal act is all about votes.

Biden signs Exec order, shuts down Keystone Pipeline, maybe the recent writer is blind to our rising gasoline prices as well as gas shortages on east coast.

Inflation skyrocketing in excess of 4.2% under Biden’s watch, highest since 2013 skyrocketing inflation rates, Gee wiz look who was in office then (Barak Obama) you see a pattern?

Highest crime rates ever, all cities under Democratic Leadership, homicides, rapes, riots, shootings, lootings, car jackings, children murdered, (five children in MPLS shot in last 10 days) burning several businesses, churches, police precincts. Find me a city in which all this has happened in a Republican leadership?

I could write a book on the Democratic destruction radicals. I used to vote for Democrats back in the days, however, every time they opened their mouths it was either a huge tax increase or more welfare for the folks who have no interest in working. I suggest you google Angel Adams 15 children. Listen to what she demands, every thing paid for; (privileged?) Democrats support this behavior for votes. Lastly, good luck voting for your radical destructive Democrats.  

Jerry Grell


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