To the editor,

I recently helped with a road clean-up along I-35 which was a hot job. The goal is to keep our roads looking great which we all appreciate and in return the group gets their name on a sign. It is actually sort of fun.

What we found the most of was cigarette butts. We don’t pick these up as there are thousands. The shoulder of the road is full of these nasty white items. I did some research and found that butts are the most littered item on Earth and leach toxic chemicals into water, where they can remain for as long as 10 years. 

What we did pick up included Coors Light, the most commonly beer drank in this area by the number of cans found. The favorite soda here is Mountain Dew. The most interesting item we found was a mannequin. We also saw two dead deer, three deceased mallards, one dead beaver and filled 15 bags. We could have filled many more bags if we had picked up the butts.

Help us all out by keeping the ditches clean and dispose of your toxic cigarette butts properly.  

Jeske Noordergraaf

Sunrise Township

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