To the editor,

Once upon a time we had a real strong Commander in Chief whom put America first and would defend our country with force. What’s happening in Afghanistan now would have never happened under Mr. Trump. His message to the Taliban was very clear, if one of our service members is hurt there will be very serious consequences. After President Trump’s message, not one of our solders were injured. 

Now that we have a coward in charge look what has transpired: as of 3:30 p.m. 8-26-2021, 13 solders are killed and 15 seriously injured. Back in April Joe Biden, whom I will not call a president, clearly stated there was no threat to the US. Then August 20, Biden states that he made it clear to the Taliban, any attack on our forces or disruptions will be met with swift and forceful response. When the Taliban seized Kabul and founded the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan while our so called leader was vacationing and acted like he did not see this coming? 

Then addresses our nation and starts off with his $3 trillion build back America’s welfare program giveaways. And as an afterthought addresses the true crisis on every American’s mind in a disconnected and seemingly uncompassionate manner - reading the teleprompter and turning away from the hard questions. This administration Biden, Harris, Kirby, Blinkin, Austin and Psaki in my opinion could not run a radio flyer red wagon assembly line. This administration is an American embarrassment. Many Democratic supporters such as Joe Scarborough and Geraldo Rivera (both were staunch Democrat supporters) are just ripping into Biden. Joe Scarborough states Democrats cannot protect us in our cities, at the border or across the world. The border crisis is another catastrophe thanks to Biden/Harris. ICE agent Thomas Feeley resigns after Biden’s border policies threaten our national security, Google his comments.

We have taken several steps backwards with this incompetent, dysfunctional leadership including Pelosi who has a huge fund raiser ($30,000/plate) in the midst of the Afghanistan debacle where no one has a mask on while she demands all of Congress to wear masks. Lastly, this administration trusted the Taliban in which is a terrorist group, letting Isis criminals out of prison before the evacuation of Americans. Stranded Americans screaming to be helped out of Afghanistan, Biden has no answer for them. Why did he pull out the troops from the airbase in Bagram? Our hearts grieve for the loss of lives of our serviceman, for their families, and for those Americans in Afghanistan who remain in grave danger because of the Biden Administration 

Jerry Grell


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