To the editor,

Violence has excelled to a new level in this country and it has to be addressed. Lets just look at Minneapolis, which is the most dangerous city in Minnesota. Just in the last two weeks two children were shot. One in the head playing outside on their trampoline. This has been going on for decades, I asked two of our so called leaders what their plan is to solve the real problem - violent criminals. 

I called Walz just after his speech on police reform in which he mentions nothing about the core problem the offenders, nor did Jacob Frey. The core problem is not the police, it’s the criminal. So I called them both Walz first 651-201-3400 as well as Frey 612-673-2100 and asked very politely what their plans for the riots and violence being they should be responsible for keeping us Minnesotans safe -  I got crickets, no reply. 

I also would like to know where Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and BLM are hiding? They all should be protesting against violence in all cities right where they are happening. These leaders are afraid to address the real issue, the people who have been criminals for most of their lives. How many times have you watched the news cast and the first 5-8 minutes are shootings and murders then to find out the persons involved have an extensive criminal history? 

Former Mayor Betsy Hodges was afraid for her life when she was going to address the violence, she never did. Former Police Chief Janee’ Harteau explained her team was arresting the same people over and over again, when she questioned this she was released from her duties. 

The real problem will never be addressed as long as we have liberals ruining our country. It is very clear to most of us who is running our state and our two largest cities and its not Walz, Melvin and Frey. I will not support any politician who will not make me feel safe. Knife fights are just fine, police should not intervene, let them just joust according to Bree Newsome. Maxine Waters supports riots and violence especially against Trump Supporters. They certainly have free speech with no repercussions. Lastly, if this type of behavior is acceptable, then I will not support any activities in either St. Paul or Minneapolis. The state may have to change its Logo to “Explore Minnesota… it’s a riot.” 

Jerry Grell


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