To the editor,

For over 60 years, I was a member and a supporter of the Republican Party. But now thanks to Trump, and others in our Capital, the party that I knew no longer exists, nor does my support for it.

Trump, and his subjects who have proclaimed him king, now rule without reason or conscience, they dispute facts, and instead exist on lies and untruths, and even sin. Yet what is really upsetting, they claim to be the party of God. What God are they talking about? It must be God Trump. It’s certainly not the God I believe in, because they fail to follow his teachings, in most of their actions.

As a result of the last administration our contry has been torn apart, and I had a part in that; I voted for trump. I failed to use any intelligence that my Lord and Savior had given me, just as I feel the present leaders of the Republican Party are doing now.

Today I call myself an Independent, leaning more Democratic - do I agree with everything the Democratic Party believes in? No I do not. But I certainly consider them a better choice than Republican. Will I ever vote Republican again? Yes, if people like Liz Cheny can even regain control of the radical element now leading it.

My hope and prayer today is that the Almighty One that loves each and every one of us, will again permit intelligent heads to once again prevail in Washington, so that we can actually be a United States, and a united people, loving and caring for each other regardless of our party, our color, or our religions, or sexual orientation.

Tom Rooker


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