To the editor,

In 1980, President Reagan famously held up the banner for ‘trickle down’ or supply side economics. He married this to disdain for strong government. It’s refreshing to see President 

Joe Biden unapologetically declare that a demand side economy where families, workers and infrastructure is the better solution. His announced budget plan supports all of this and more while reducing the national deficit over time. It also commits political heresy by asking that those making over $400,000 a year pay a bit more in taxes. I’m confident that not a single reader of this letter will be affected by the proposed tax change. Allow me to point out that “trickle down” never happened. What did occur was that the floodgates opened for 1% of the population that moved trillions of dollars from over 90% of us. And aggressive supply side administrations have raised the deficit much more than administrations who work to counter the anti-tax, supply-side mantra.

As we witness the effects of ineffective government around the world, we see more unscrupulous and dictatorial leaders, educational opportunities dwindle especially for women, reduced economic opportunities, and witness a re-write of history to support tyrants. It makes me feel good that we have leaders who stand up to such tyranny. President Biden believes that effective government accomplishes what we cannot do on the private side. If you cut through the daily rhetoric and see what is happening in the Biden administration, you see a transparent democratic government applying intelligent economic policy that is meant to work for all of us. Argue against this all you may but by most measures, it seems clear that life in America is on a path of improvement today.  

Dann Adair

North Branch

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