To the editor,

Thank you Mr. Grell for your response to “Biden’s scorecard.” I too have responded to Mr. Benny’s comments, but here’s the thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but the problem is some people only hear what they want to hear. I’ll give the Democrats credit for getting enough of the media behind them so they can pick and choose what you hear and much of it has been lies and/or jumping to conclusions with no apologies when they’re proven wrong.

Having been an Independent all my adult life I will never vote Democrat again. I remember watching Fox when Biden came into office and there he sat, pen in hand, a stack of black folders to his left and one by one he picked each one up and signed away everything he could that Trump had done and for no other reason than Trump was responsible for it.

I don’t believe that Democrats ever acknowledged any of Trump’s accomplishments and yet they’ve tried to blame him for everything that they themselves were doing. They wanted to impeach him before he even moved into the White House and many times since so one can only conclude that they are really sore losers and like spoiled children will do just about anything to get their own way.

They’ve made race so political, you hear it every day and we’re becoming a nation divided like hasn’t been since the Civil War and that seems to be their plan. Biden has screwed up so much I always wonder has anyone close to him tried to talk some sense into him. He’s really in over his head and I worry about how much more damage can he do in the next three years. 

God bless and help America.

Shirley Janke


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