To the editor,

After reading Mr. Benny’s letter touting all of Biden’s accomplishments I realized that he missed a number of them. I would like to think it was not on purpose. Maybe just too many to list I hope.

 The worst inflation in 40 years. ( Projected to get far worse before it gets better)

Energy independence gone. Highest gas and fuel prices in years.( Now begging Opec for more oil.)

Two billion dollar infrastructure bill with only 6% going for roads and bridges.

Covid relief bill that gives $86 billion to bail out failing union pension plans.

Open borders. (Over a million unvetted illegals now in our country.)

Record amounts of illegal drugs coming through the border because of the open border policy.  (Has this contributed to the 100,000 overdose deaths in the last year?)

Out of control crime.( Record murders rates in big cities.) 

Afghanistan. ( Loss of confidence of our allies)

Keystone pipeline. (thousands of jobs gone)

Vaccine mandates. 

450,000 dollars to illegals.

More covid deaths than the previous administration had.

 Now just to be clear I am not judging any of the above accomplishments of Mr. Biden as good or bad. I realize everybody will have a different opinion on the above facts. But I felt compelled to point out the Biden accomplishments that Mr. Benny inadvertently left out of his letter to the editor. Thank you. 

Gary Westerberg


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