To the editor,

A little more than a month ago, a young man opened fire in a public school, killing nearly two dozen people, mostly children. The police allowed him to enter and act out his violent tragedy, and this country allowed him to easily obtain multiple mass killing machines.

Even more recently, a group of people so desperate to flee to the safety of the United States died horribly in the overheated back of a cargo truck.

As we speak, more than two million people – just here, in the United States – go without clean water and sanitation.

You can see more examples of actual tragedies in last week’s thoughtful letter from Jeffrey Benny.

And where does David E. Johnson, this so-called “conservative” “Christian” direct their ire?

Why, at adults reading to accompanied children, of course. Not to mention inclusive children’s books, health systems providing lifesaving care, and “the gay community” in general.

Whoever you want to believe invented the rainbow (I’m fairly certain the visible spectrum of light has been around forever but what do I know), declared abortions immoral (non-Catholic Christians only become anti-abortion in the 1970s, after Roe v. Wade, as a political ploy, by the way) or decreed the current iteration of what constitutes gender in your particular culture – have you ever considered minding your own business?

There are children the world over literally dying from lack of food, water and medicine. And queer kids take their own lives at a disproportionate rate because they do not have access to identity-affirming media, such as the programs David E. Johnson decries.

If you are so “conservative,” why do the activities of adults bother you so much? If the science affirms that gender is not a binary and affirming care saves lives (and the science does, many times over), why do you want it to stop?

If you are so “Christian,” why do you not behave as Jesus, and embrace those society casts out and oppresses?

David E. Johnson chooses to be offended by humans peacefully expressing themselves, children being taught to love themselves and one another in the midst of differences, and people making personal medical decisions about their own bodies that cannot possibly affect anyone else.

Friend, if you ever want to actually get to work on real problems, you could do a lot of good. And because “the gay community,” to which I proudly belong, is apparently so very unlike your own, you will be welcomed with open arms.  

Molly Whelan

North Branch

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