Letter to the editor: Paper shredding event successful

(From left) Jill Behnke, Martha Arnold, Jeske Noordergraff, and Carol DeMorett at the paper shredding fundraiser for Relay for Life.

To the editor,

On Saturday May 8 the Chisago County American Cancer Society held a successful fundraising event. We were able to raise $540 toward their Relay for Life event. This will help fight the deadly disease of cancer. This was accomplished by collecting 5700 pounds of paper that was shredded at the North Branch County Market Mall. People brought in their personal documents to be shredded by the Shredright4good Company. The project helped to reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating 455 trash bags of waste instead of going to a landfill, 26,891 miles driven by a passenger vehicle: .07 acres of U.S. forest preserved from cropland conversion: 1.3 years of energy for the average home, and 10.7 metric tons of CO2 equivalent (MTCO2E).

Saving lives from cancer and diverting recycled material out of landfills was accomplished all at one time. Did you know the paper you shred at home given to you garbage hauler can not be recycled and it goes back into the landfill? This takes years to decompose.

We thank all the residents who came and contributed and we hope to hold another shredding event the next six months.

Please come to our annual Chisago County Relay For Life Luminary event August 18, 2021 at the Chisago Lake Lutheran Church in Center City.   

Jill Behnke, Chairperson

Martha Arnold

Jeske Noordergraff

Jim McCarthy

Carol DeMorett

Relay for Life Committee for Chisago County

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