To the editor,

Mr Grell, some corrections to your letter:

The stock market has not hit an “all time low” for decades. Where did that statistic come from? You complained about earning 10% on your investments. Your mention of a single day low is meaningless since the market is back up. Stock market annual gains have varied wildly over the last 20 years, 10% is an average gain. 

The 2.4 million added jobs statistic was a projection from Moody’s Analytics. Moody’s is a respectable investment firm. I see no references backing up in your assertion that the number is fiction. You just believe it won’t happen.

The $4.5 billion for roads and bridges will cover more than three bridges. The I-35 bridge is not a good benchmark. Interstate 35 is a six-plus lane interstate highway spanning a major river. It will obviously cost more than the two and four lane highway bridges and roads that this money will also fund.

Crime and violence in the cities you mention are not a result of defunding the police. I can find no evidence of “defunding the police” in the cities you mentioned.

You didn’t mention other aspects of the Biden record that I recounted. You didn’t mention Biden policy benefits like: reducing family food insecurity by 34%, lifting millions of children out of poverty, upgrading water systems so cities like Flint Michigan no longer poison their children with lead and infrastructure projects that will bring jobs to rural areas. 

Lastly, you told me in a previous letter to “get over it.” There is one thing that I will not “get over.” That is the likely 160,000-plus unnecessary Covid deaths due to the previous administration’s botched Covid response. 

In your letter you mention Trump and his administration multiple times. Trump is not president. Is it you that needs to “get over it”? 

Jeffrey Benny


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