To the editor,

Ci Van Fleet, a Chines woman, appeared on Tucker Carlson (Fox News) recently. She was six-years-old when China’s revolution turned China into a communist country. Here’s what she said:

“Critical Race Theory has its roots in cultural Marxism, and it has no place in American is racist and divisive itself.”

 She remembered what happened in her country during the communist revolution, and she sees the exact thing happening here.

“America’s democratic leadership is using the same vocabulary (racist, woke, etc.) and the same ideology as I experienced in China. Chinese communist methodology was ‘cancel culture’ where they renamed schools, streets - everything, and they also divided our people into two groups - the ‘oppressed’ and the ‘oppressors.’”

America, WAKE UP! If you only watch mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NY Times), you are being brainwashed by socialist/communist propaganda. Find conservative media (1130 AM, Fox News, News Max, etc.) and find out news you’re not being told about. Maybe attend a school board meeting (next C-I one is 6:30, June 24, at the Education Building). It’s time for patriots who care about our country to stand up, speak up, and take action... before it’s too late.

David E. Johnson


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