To the editor,

The editor of the County Star called out our three newly elected conservative county commissioners, Duff, LaRowe and Westerberg, on their questioning of a proclamation brought before the board at their April 20 meeting. The small but well organized group, brought this proclamation forward was very similar, if not the same, that opposed the 2nd Amendment proclamation approved at the April 4 meeting. I believe that it is pretty much the same people who were in opposition to a group of concerned conservative citizens, who wanted to move a book, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which they deemed to be pornographic, out of the children’s section of our library and place it in the adult section.

The conservative citizens were not trying to remove books from the library but rather they were merely trying to make sure that one of our young children would not accidentally stumble upon it in the children’s section, a place that should be safe. If you think this book is not a problem, ask your local newspaper to print the illustrations and the verbiage they use in part three where the author, Robie Harris, introduces masturbation to 10-year-olds. Or better yet, ask them to print sample illustrations and verbiage from the updated anniversary edition where Harris introduces new topics like sexual identity by sharing homosexuality and expands her discussion with new terms that describe the LGBT community such as transgender and queer. This book teaches children how to have “safe” vaginal, oral and anal sex. Wonderful topics for 10-year- olds.

The small group of progressives, mentioned above, is being encouraged to bring this nonsensical proclamation to the county board by our local liberal media and even some of the hold-over elected officials (I have witnessed this first hand). I am unsure if their motive is sour grapes over losing the 2nd Amendment battle or if they genuinely desire to indoctrinate our children with pornographic books. Their efforts certainly go against the conservative nature of our county, which voted in four new county commissioners last November, to stand up against poor ideas (there must be a reason why no other county in Minnesota has undertaken such a proclamation).

I hope and pray that our newly elected conservative commissioners continue to hold fast and continue to work hard for our conservative county.  

Keith Kersten

Stanford Township

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