To the editor,

I am responding to the opinions presented by two letter writers in the Sept. 2, 2021, issue of the County Star. Both expressed discontentment with the Biden Administration and cited what they think are examples of the President’s lack of leadership or lack of mental capacity to hold the office.

First, the very same things were said of Donald Trump when he began his term. What was his and the GOP reply? It was “if you don’t like it, perhaps you should leave the country.” Both of Mr. Trump’s campaigns and all four of his years in office were filled with political chaos, constant changes in staff and department heads, unfulfilled promises, attempts to influence the DOJ, contrived facts, and personal slams against anyone and anything who represented a different opinion. THAT was lack of leadership. THAT was lack of mental capacity to hold the office.

While it is certainly tragic that 13 US troops were killed in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, 64 US troops were killed in Afghanistan while Trump held office. After 20 years of war at a cost of trillions of dollars and about 4,000 American lives, do the letter writers think leaving would be easy? Do they think we should have stayed?

Trump negotiated a settlement with the Taliban in February, 2020, and did not include Afghanistan in the process! The “Great Deal Maker” claims if he had been re-elected, the withdrawal, which was to be completed by May, 2021, would have happened very differently. Didn’t his deal include an agreed-upon method of withdrawal? Didn’t he plan to be in office during the withdrawal? When he is pressed on this issue, Trump has no answer.

Finally, regarding the notion that President Biden “is just reading words that someone else has given him,” this is exactly the reason why ANY President has a staff of advisors and cabinet members. It’s too bad Trump thought he knew everything.

I find it sadly interesting that many GOP-ers think the Jan. 6 attempt by Trump and his supporters to overthrow the government and end our democracy should simply be forgotten. Biden might not be everything we’d like a President to be, but isn’t it a relief that we don’t have to wonder what nonsense he will spew every single day? May God bless the USA! 

Loren Brabec


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