To the editor,

Lets reflect:

Purchase billions of dollars for oil from our enemies; Russia and Venezuela, during the war in Ukraine Biden shut off oil purchases to cripple Putin’s economy however, Biden has no problem shutting down our pipelines to crush our economy.

Record inflation and oil prices that cripple the middle class. Biden’s inflation reduction bill another joke.

Freedom of speech compromised, thanks to Elon Musk to bring back free speech and reveal the lefts’ lies in regards to working with big tech to control Americans.

The brutal whipping lie from the border patrols; Biden and his sidekicks all crucified them before they even looked at the images, no apologies. Biden/Harris along with Karine Jean-Piere lied about them visiting the southern borders. Millions have crossed at the tax payers expense. Alleged 1 million got away. 107,000 deaths from fentanyl drugs from open border. Search via internet “Criminal Noncitizen Statistics Fiscal year 2022” This will reveal the violent crimes illegals have committed in 2022 vs prior years.

Cashless bail bonds for violent criminals with multiple prior convictions. Democratic run cities submerged with crime. Democrats lack of authority. Give me a state where the Governor, DA, County Attorney, Attorney General, and the Mayor are all Republican run with crimes this terrible? Good luck. New years weekend several shootings/murders, police attacked across this country. Biden’s gun control bill is working great.

CNBC source states 2022 very rough year for indexes: Nasdaq down 33%, Dow down 8.58%, a volatile bear market, sticky inflation, aggressive rate hikes. All three major averages the worst since 2008. Biden cripples 401k’s.

Covid vaccine lies, unvaccinated folks are the problem says Biden and CNN’s Leana Wen, however recently Leann recanted, stating vaccinated people who never had covid were three times more likely to get covid than the unvaccinated. Lancet study revealed those who were vaccinated but never had Covid were 4 times more likely to have severe illness resulting to hospitalization or death than the unvaccinated. Follow the money trail.!

Approximately 59 million people on Welfare/US. costing taxpayers $1.5 trillion in 2021, projections of $1.3 trillion taxpayers funds for 2022. White House complains worker shortage, where you can get 59 million workers?

The truth will come out with the Hunter Biden laptop which will reveal the alleged correlations between China and the Biden family collusions. Impeach Biden.

Buckle up 2023 will be another fiscal disaster.  

Jerry Grell


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