To the editor,

Some people doubt the support we have given to Ukraine. Why should we involve ourselves in a war between Russia and Ukraine? That question is answered in the history of World War Two. Chancellor Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and was able to tap into the anger and frustration of many Germans who were struggling after World War I. He promised to restore Germany to greatness, and he offered simple solutions to complex problems. He also scapegoated Jews and other minorities for Germany’s problems, which appealed to many Germans who were looking for someone to blame.

In an attempt to avoid war, United Kingdom Prime Minister Chamberlain, met with Hitler and agreed that he could take over Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia. This APPEASEMENT, as it has been named, gave Hitler the permission he needed. This appeasement encouraged and rewarded Hitler. He conquered Czechoslovakia but when he attacked Poland, Western Nations declared war. 

Do you want us to reward President Putin by allowing him to take over a free and sovereign nation? Should the U.S. help Ukrainians that are suffering from crimes against their people? What will stop President Putin?

Howard Lewis


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