To the editor,

Watching Mr. Buffoon (Biden) and his three ring circus — Biden, Harris and Psaki is utterly embarrassing. These clowns are ruining our country. Lets take a look back on the last year and a half:

Total disaster in withdrawal from Afghanistan. Please watch Biden’s video campaigning for president 8-12-07: “Leaving mass weapons behind.” $80 billion worth. After sending billions to Ukraine, Biden states at NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium; Sanctions were never meant to deter Putin from invading Ukraine. However, the rest of his circus states this is a deterrent? Harris laughing about the refugee’s fleeing Ukraine during Poland visit. Pathetic!

Illegals pouring into our country costing taxpayers billions when our country is broke — 35-plus trillion in debt. Watch Biden in 2006 on hardball quoting “Illegals must know English,” bashing border patrol of incompetency. Administration claims they have control over border however, listen to the democrats in Texas explaining it as a catastrophe.

Inflation hitting double digits in excess of 20% just over the last year and half. Recently in March inflation increased 11.2 %. Harris tells voters this is what you asked for. 64% of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Senior citizens are struggling living on fixed incomes, Medicare insurance up 14.5%. Foreclosures in Iowa are up 78%. Sleepless night for folks wondering if they can pay their mortgage and groceries. Interest rates double due to inflation surge. 401K investments flushed down the toilet. Keep printing money, that’s the solution right? A recession is looming just watch. Biden blames Putin for everything. Whose next to blame, the tooth fairy? 

Crime and violence supported by our democrats. Steal $900.00 and it’s a misdemeanor in California. Subway and street violence ignored. Recently Frank James, a black supremacist wanting to kill white people went crazy on a Brooklyn Subway. He even wrote on social media what he intended to do. FBI knew about his intentions. Multiple priors as well. It’s time to mirror Brazil’s way of dealing with criminals. Biden wants to eliminate Title 42, opening borders to drug lords, criminals and MS13 sex traffickers? Police families losing sleep wondering if their loved one will come home alive. Hired a supreme court judge that reduces sentences for child pornography criminals and cannot define what a woman is. All of this is 100% on Biden’s administrations policies.

Want respect then get gas prices back to $2 or less per gallon and food prices/housing where they were pre 2021. Send illegals back home. Match 2019 401K end of year growth. 

Jerry Grell


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