To the editor,

Progressive Democrats are continuing to deceive we, the people. So who is really running our country? During the 2020 Presidential election campaign, Democratic candidate Joe Biden had many cognitive issues. He didn’t know who he was talking to, didn’t know where he was, and didn’t even know what office he was running for (he thought he was running for senate). And he was the Democratic candidate for the highest office in our country - the most important and stressful job of any country. What’s that all about?

It seems like a sinister, deceitful plot to gain the presidency. Biden, they thought, was the most benign candidate, not a socialist and not too extreme. Once Biden was elected, they could eventually eliminate him as President using the 25th Amendment - but at least they would have gained control of the country. Democrats crave ultimate power and will do anything to get it.

So who is really running our country? A few times in his speeches Biden has said, “I hope saying this doesn’t get me in trouble.” It’s obvious he is just reading words that someone else has given him. In our democracy where we elect our leaders, someone is making decisions and leading our country that we, the people, have not elected. That should scare us all. Talking with our enemies (russia, China, Iran, North Korea), making decisions in Afghanistan, running our military, making economic decisions - running our country, safeguarding our borders... we don’t know where these decisions come from, and we should.

So when media says, “Joe Biden says...”, or “Why is Biden doing this?” He is just reading a script, and his words have nothing to do with his decision-making. This should cause all of us to be concerned.

David E. Johnson


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