To the editor,

As a candidate for the Cambridge-Isanti School Board, I’ve heard a very similar story from many members of this great community — they were either 1) born here and have stayed here, 2) moved away but then moved back, or 3) had a five-year plan when first moving here…that is going on its 20th year (like the Izzos). That tells us something about our community — something draws us here, and something keeps us here. Can I propose a possible reason to this trend — our schools!

In my many years of service within our school district, I have seen some great things. I have also seen recent areas of opportunity for improvement. As a school board member, I will be invested in helping this district stay on the right course, asking hard questions, making difficult decisions, and being a voice for our community — stepping up to ensure the best possible education is offered to all of our learners.

If we have not had the opportunity to meet, I’d invite you to join me at Herman’s Bakery in downtown Cambridge on Saturday, Nov. 5 between 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. I’d be open to any questions you have for me regarding my candidacy and would love to hear any input you have in improving our district. As a board member, I want to be easily accessible to our community.

When our schools are strong, our community is strong — something that just may keep us here for another five years…or longer!  

Nick Izzo

C-I School Board candidate

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