To the editor,

November Elections are upon us and we as Americans should be alarmed! Our Democracy and the Constitution have and still are under attack. We have never in our 243-year-old democracy ever been closer to losing it all than we are today!

Any incumbent person holding office from local to federal government who has shown to be against the ideals of our democracy and our Constitution, have lied stating and supporting false rhetoric, and no longer know right from wrong, need to be voted out of office regardless of party!

This conduct and behavior can no longer be tolerated! It has weakened our entire nation, our national security, our vote, voice, choice, and taken hard fought women’s rights away. Incumbents at every level of government are trying to take our vote away, and are trying to destroy the legitimacy of our election system!

Our military veterans have served to preserve these rights and our freedoms with many giving and paying the ultimate sacrifice! We all must make a choice in 2022 and 2024 to put our country or our party first. As a veteran I will choose to protect our country and our democracy hands down!

Finally, I would like to remind all Isanti County residents that over the last year or so we have lost two elected county positions, the Auditor-Treasurer and the County Recorder. All but ONE incumbent commissioner voted to take our vote away from us over the objection of many, plus a signed petition! They deliberately ignored their constituents, voting immediately to make these positions appointed! Their deliberate action will never be OK! This isn’t how you honor veterans who have served to preserve your right to vote! Other good deeds by these elected commissioners will never negate this vote they chose to take! 

Donald W. Mullins


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